We believe that business IS personal. It’s an unavoidable truth that people are impacted by the work they do. Work can make us feel appreciated or ignored, connected or isolated, competent or foolish and have a profound effect on every part of our lives. At Cendera Funding, we believe that when people are in jobs that enrich their lives, they are not only more productive employees, they are also better parents, friends, partners and neighbors. To that end, we strive for a team culture where we celebrate the best in all of us and value everyone’s contributions to achieve a common goal. We enjoy and have fun working together in an environment where honesty, integrity, mutual respect, trust, responsiveness, and self-management are among the most highly regarded qualities expected of each employee. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you on our team!

Katy McDaniel, Human Resources Director 817-984-7661 hr@cenderafunding.com


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