Contact and Payment Information:

Cendera Funding, Inc.
3600 Benbrook Highway
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Attn: Mortgage Servicing
(817) 546-0360 Local
(866) 275-6414 Toll Free
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My first payment is coming due and I haven’t received a statement or notice of transfer yet. Where should I send my payment?
A. Please contact our Corporate Loan Servicing department to verify payment information. You can contact us toll-free at (866) 275-6414, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Q. Can I make payments online or via ACH transfer?
A. Because we may transfer the servicing of our loans after closing, we suggest you make your first payment with a check or money order. Once your loan is with your permanent service center, you will be provided with information regarding additional payment options and online resources by Cendera Funding or your new Servicer.

Q. I received a Transfer Sale of Loan Notice, what do I do?
A. The Transfer/Sale of Loan Notice informs you that your loan is being transferred to a new servicer. Please take time to read the letter carefully, as it contains specific instruction about the new servicer of your loan as well as instructions about when to begin making your payments to the new Servicer and where to mail your payments. Additionally, the Transfer/Sale of Loan Notice contains the new servicer’s customer service hours, toll free telephone number and mailing address for written correspondence.

Q. I already made my payment to Cendera Funding but just received a transfer notice saying I should have paid a new Servicer. What will happen to my payment?
A. When your check is received, your account will be reviewed to determine whether Cendera Funding or a new servicer should receive the funds. If they are due to the new servicer, Cendera Funding will contact you regarding the payments and how to proceed.

Q. I made my payment to Cendera Funding and it should have been sent to the new Servicer. What happens if it’s late?
A. During the 60-day period beginning on the effective date of the transfer, the payment may not be treated as late if you mistakenly send it to the old mortgage servicer instead of the new one.  No late charges will be assessed and no negative credit will be reported to the credit agencies.

Q. My loan has been transferred to a new servicer. Who should I contact with questions?
A. If you have questions about your transfer prior to the transfer date as indicated in the Notice of Sale, contact Cendera Funding. If you have questions about your transfer on or after the transfer date as indicated on the Notice of Sale, contact the new servicer.

Q. What happens to my escrow account if my loan is transferred?
A. After your loan servicing is transferred, the new servicer may perform an analysis of your escrow account. During the escrow analysis, the new servicer reviews your escrow payment amount and determines if it is adequate to cover your insurance, taxes, and any other premiums paid through escrow. The escrow analysis typically occurs within 60 days of loan transfer and often creates a change in your escrow payment amount. When an analysis is performed, you will receive an escrow analysis statement in the mail, which will outline any payment change that occurred.

Q. Who sends my end of year tax statement if my loan is transferred?
A. Both lenders will report on the time that they serviced the loan. Therefore, in most cases, you will receive two statements at the end of the year depending on the amount of interest reported. If you have not received your statement, please contact Cendera Funding at (866)275-6414 or your new Servicer.